About SG International


SG International is a sales representative for textile mills and garment factories located in Asia
(Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam). We serve as agents for fabric buyers in Europe and the United States.

We trade Silk, Poly,Nylon, Cotton, and Blended Fabrics.


SG International receives customized clothing orders from buyers in New York and Europe and
has them produced from factories located in Korea, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam. We create

orders and have them redelivered to the buyer.

Online Shopping Mall

SG International operates an online shopping mall called EDITEDBYERIC.

EDITEDBYERIC shopping mall primarily serves brands in the United States and Europe, offering
the latest fashion trends.

About Our Carriers

Textile Representative

BS Textile
Yonghwa Textile
CNT International
Sunning Big

Garment Representative

Sunmyong Apprael
China Yong

Online Shopping Mall


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